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Capitol Orthodontics has a young, lively, staff that enjoys getting to know all our patients and truly cares about their wellbeing. Dr. Schwartz and his team love coming to work every morning and look forward to meeting new patients and catching up with current patients. Dr. Schwartz's practice has created an environment that is enjoyable and relaxed, and the team hopes that each patient has a wonderful experience.

Vanessa — Chairside Assistant

VanessaVanessa assists Dr. Schwartz with all aspects of patient care and makes sure they are comfortable when they're in for an appointment. She loves meeting new people and learning interesting things about them. Some patients live really exciting lives and Vanessa enjoys hearing the great stories they tell. Most of all, she wants to make patients happy!

Vanessa has an active and affectionate dog named Kaylee who she loves to play with. In her free time, she likes to go running and hiking and spending time with her lovely children, Natalie and Nathan. 

Elena — Chairside Assistant

ElenaElena has been working at this practice for over 25 years as an assistant. There is always something to do and she loves being busy because it keeps her young! Dr. Schwartz is an excellent orthodontist and Elena enjoys watching him do what he loves. Patients can really tell they're getting the best care possible from him.

Elena is a native of Chile and returns every year to visit her family. Her husband's name is Ed and they have a son, Steven, who is the apple of Elena's eye. She spends all her free time with her son, attending his numerous sports events and driving him around to all his activities. When Elena has time, she also enjoys gardening.


Janeth — Chairside Assistant

JanethJaneth has been assisting Dr. Schwartz since 1999 by doing everything from changing wires to taking impressions. Capitol Orthodontics patients are really unique and Janeth loves learning about their different cultures. Spanish is her first language, and she enjoys being able to communicate with all Spanish speaking patients. She believes Dr. Schwartz is a wonderful orthodontist, and he has a great knack for being able to explain treatment in a way that is easy to understand.

Janeth is originally from Honduras and enjoys visiting her family there. She has three wonderful children, two daughters and a son, who take up all her time when she's not working!


Tifani — DC Treatment Coordinator

Tifani joined the team at Capitol Orthodontics in the beginning of 2014 with a focus on team work and customer service. She is a people person and her favorite part of her job is meeting new people every day and helping them achieve their goal of a beautiful smile!

Tifani is a mother of 2 wonderful children Madison and Christopher.

Stefany — MD Financial Coordinator

Stefany joined Capitol Orthodontics in 2014. After patients have their initial consultation with Dr. Schwartz in the Rockville office, Stefany meets with them to coordinate the financial aspects of their treatment. She helps patients on many different circumstances, from going over cost, insurance, financing, and scheduling.

Jocelyn — DC Treatment Coordinator

Jocelyn joined Capitol Orthodontics in 2016 after moving back to the DC area from California. Jocelyn enjoys meeting with patients and walking them through their financial options as well as coordinating their appointments.

Jocelyn enjoys her free time with her dog and her husband. 


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